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A Foodie Guide to Peru

Reflecting Peru’s mixed history and its fusion of cultures, Peru’s cuisine is equally eclectic. Peruvian cuisine’s influences include local ingredients as well as recipes from Europe, Asia and West Africa. Some would say that Peru sets the standard for world class fusion cuisine.      So, let us offer you this guide to Peruvian cuisine. It […]

Encountering Ancient Cultures on Trips

Interacting with locals is essential to truly experiencing any destination.  And most people realize that, I think.  Especially those within the adventure travel sphere. However, beyond simply interacting, it is also just as important to respect local traditions and knowledge. That, too, may seem common sense. Yet, it can be rather surprising how many people still […]

The Spookiest Ghost Stories of Central and South America

It’s the spoo-spookiest season of all. There’ll be adults for tricking, kids treats for tasting and costuming out in the night.   There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the hauntings of specters of long, long ago. Halloween is hands down one of my favourite holidays, and one of the main reasons is because of […]

4 Drastically Different Approaches to Meals Around the World

A famous 19th century foodie once said, “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.” One of the greatest joys of travelling is immersing oneself into the culture of the places you visit, and what better way than through the regional food? While many urban centres are chock-a-block full of restaurants […]

The Top Five Treks of a Lifetime

Of all the ways to explore the outdoors, trekking is perhaps the most intimate with nature. Nothing quite heightens your senses like a multi-day hike in a remote setting. After a day of trekking, I always find that my eyes and ears are much more attuned to my natural surroundings. Trekking is truly the ultimate […]