5 Unforgettable BikeHike Experiences

It’s the little things that make life worth living. The same goes for travel. We don’t journey to far off destinations just to say “I’ve been there.” We do it for all the wonderful things that happen once we get there. We do it to stir up some adventure and welcome each individual experience as it comes. One by one, …

New Zealand: The Land of Adventure

The below post was written in support of┬áblog4NZ (Blog for New Zealand), a social media initiative for travel bloggers to share their stories of New Zealand in support of ┬átravel to New Zealand after the recent earthquake in Christchurch. The worldwide blogging event was held from March 21-23, 2011. Do you crave adrenalin? Love to travel and spend time in …

A Story of Solo Travel with BikeHike

Six years ago, Carole contacted us looking for a solo adventure in South America. We booked her on a group departure through Chile & Argentina with a couple of like-minded adventurers.

This summer, we met Carole in-person for the first time when she stopped by our office in Vancouver BC. She was on her way over to Smithers BC to visit Paula and Brett, who she had met on that South American BikeHike adventure and had continued to keep in touch with. It was such a nice surprise!

Vacation Booking Trends

While we can’t speak for all travellers, if our recent bookings are any indication it looks as though most adventure-seekers are spending their long-weekend within driving distance and saving their vacation time for the colder winter months. We’re happy to report that we’ve already received several bookings for November and beyond. Since many of our travellers like to meet cool new people like you on their vacations, we thought we’d highlight a few of their trips. If you’re interested in reserving your spot on one of these adventures, let us know!