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Morocco, a lesson in disconnecting to connect

It’s incredible how disconnected we can become in our everyday lives, despite our obsession with “staying connected.” How many times today have you looked around you — at home, on the metro, out for dinner — only to find everyone around fixated on the glowing screen of smart devices? The answer is rather scary, isn’t […]

Encountering Ancient Cultures on Trips

Interacting with locals is essential to truly experiencing any destination.  And most people realize that, I think.  Especially those within the adventure travel sphere. However, beyond simply interacting, it is also just as important to respect local traditions and knowledge. That, too, may seem common sense. Yet, it can be rather surprising how many people still […]

The Top Five Treks of a Lifetime

Of all the ways to explore the outdoors, trekking is perhaps the most intimate with nature. Nothing quite heightens your senses like a multi-day hike in a remote setting. After a day of trekking, I always find that my eyes and ears are much more attuned to my natural surroundings. Trekking is truly the ultimate […]

BikeHike’s Top 5 Autumn Adventures

The end of summer is nigh. For many people this means the last gasp for summer fun. But does the fun really have to stop here? No! In fact, just the opposite! Fall travel is the perfect time to strike, with fewer crowds, cooler weather and more chance to connect with locals. You just have […]

Adventure Travel Vacations to TripAdvisors’ Top 25 Destinations of 2012

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has announced the Top 25 Destinations of 2012. The destinations are awarded based on the opinions of millions of travellers worldwide.The travellers have spoken and among the top 25 are five destinations BikeHike Adventures knows inside and out. #6 Marrakech, Morocco TripAdvisor writes: It’s easy to lose yourself in […]