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2016’s Top Three South American Destinations

Cuzco, Peru If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu though, best hurry. Further trekking limits may soon be put in place to protect the site and limit the number of hikers able to access the site, according to our local sources. While restrictions have been in place for a while already, there is talk […]


Chile — Torres del Paine National Park When travelling to Chile, you won’t want to miss out on the breathtaking natural wonders of Torres del Paine National Park. Among those wonders, the famous Towers of Paine are a must see. A perfect day hiking/trekking to sight these massive sculpted granite peaks starts with a hike […]

An Adventure Bucket List for Shark Week

With Sharknado 2 having just aired and Discovery Channels’s “Shark Week” set to begin next week, all the world’s attention is on one of the world’s most feared fish. While most people are happy to watch the infamous predators from the comfort of their couch, there are others who want to get up close and […]

Five Places in the Americas with Amazing Animal Encounters

As proven by the number of views for Internet videos featuring animals (not just cats), people love animals. With the extreme shortage of these types of videos, it is imperative that people go and put themselves in situations where they have a chance of filming cuddly, four-legged creatures doing something cute. Alright, maybe there isn’t […]

4 Point-to-Point Biking Tours From Easy to Strenuous

Cycling the Via Rhona: Geneva to Lyon in France & Switzerland Bike from Switzerland to France on a self-guided adventure through the vineyards, alpine forest and traditional villages of the Rhone Valley.   Cycling Cuba Havana to Trinidad Cycle across Central Cuba alongside vintage cars through vibrant countryside, discover rural villages and colonial towns, enjoy […]