Morocco, a lesson in disconnecting to connect

It’s incredible how disconnected we can become in our everyday lives, despite our obsession with “staying connected.” How many times today have you looked around you — at home, on the metro, out for dinner — only to find everyone around fixated on the glowing screen of smart devices? The answer is rather scary, isn’t it? We were chatting about this …

Destination of the Month: Vietnam

The cold and rain that accompanies Fall weather will be making its way across North America soon, making it the perfect time to begin planning your getaway to warmer climates! While the rainy season is just beginning here, it’s preparing to leave Vietnam.

Destination of the Month: Brazil

The word “Brazil” often brings images of:

1. Scantily clad bikini models balancing large feathered headdresses and tiptoeing on stilettos that look like they were originally made to act as weapons,
2. Football (soccer) teams sporting green and yellow jerseys dripping with sweat as they kick, bounce and run with a grass-stained ball, and
3. Amazonian jungles with more lush green flora and fauna that would take months to list in full.

Combine the three, and you get a rather odd picture. Brazil is an amazingly diverse country built on Portuguese culture, Catholic beliefs, a love of art and life, appreciation for nature, and a fascination with a ball. For its incomparable selection of traits, we’re making Brazil the destination of the month for August.

April Destination of the Month: Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica? April 22nd 2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day! To celebrate the occasion, we’re naming Costa Rica our Destination of the Month. As a country that has dedicated over a quarter of its land to national park and biological preserve, it should come as no surprise that the UN World Tourism Organization considers Costa Rica to …