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Three Unforgettable Family Travel Experiences

Only available to those with a local guide and connections, these are the sorts of family experiences that your entire family, whatever the ages and generations, is sure to treasure for a lifetime. GALAPAGOS Adventures as a Family in Darwin’s Playground photo: Swimming in the Galapagos (on a BikeHike Adventures tour) A trip to the […]

Top Five Double-Dose Destinations

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So why not turn as many pages as possible? These days, more and more globetrotters are getting the most from their travels by double dipping with multi-country trips. To help you connect the dots on an epic multi-country voyage, we’ve […]

Travel Trend – Multi-generational Adventure Travel

Going on an adventure? Grandma and Grandpa want in! One of the biggest travel trends over the last two years has been multi-generational travel. Parents, grandparents and children are uniting as an adventurous family unit ready to explore the world. When you look at the benefits of the multi-generation travel style, it’s not surprising that […]

A Salute To Tandem Bikes (among other human powered oddities)

When it comes to active vacations, customization is very important to many BikeHike travellers. For this reason, we bend over backwards to make sure everyone gets an outdoor experience that’s right for them. An example of BikeHike’s passion to customize is the two-person bicycle seen above. It was created specially for a Galapagos departure earlier […]

Customizing Holiday Season Adventure

As much as we love the holidays, they’re often synonymous with hectic planning, crunched schedules, and stretched budgets. As a result, taking a family getaway during the holiday season has become more and more popular. In some unfortunate cases, however, this decision results in a redoubling of the problem. Clearly, choosing how to take that […]