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5 Unexpected Places for an Adventure in Europe

When thinking of adventure travel destinations, most people think of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Borneo, New Zealand and similar places. Europe just doesn’t tend to come to mind, even though it should. The prime time of year to visit the well-known adventure travel destinations is usually November to April, leaving out a huge chunk of […]

BikeHike looks at the New York Times 45 Places to Go in 2012

It’s been 9 months since the New York Times published their 45 Places to Go in 2012 article. With just three months left, time is dwindling to visit these global hotspots within the year. As always, BikeHike strives to make adventure travel easy. Here’s a short list of the New York Times recommended destinations that […]

5 Adventures that Kick Honeymoons into Overdrive

These days, traditional weddings are taking a backseat to the fun and informal. Newlyweds are constantly looking for new ways to put their own spin on their celebration of love. Honeymoons should be no different. In the same way that weddings are mixing old-world expectations with new age fun and silliness, honeymoons are mixing romance […]

8 Snorkeling Destinations That Will Splash Up Your Travels

An adventurous lifestyle is centered on removing ourselves from common ground. For instance, we spend most of our days on dry land. What better way to shake up an outdoor adventure trip than to delve into the ocean to see what lies below our usual stomping grounds! This is what makes snorkeling spectacular. Sinking into […]

Croatia – Multisport Crowd Pleaser

The world’s love affair with Croatia has begun. After decades of war, struggle, and political turnover, this western European country has emerged as one of the hottest destinations on the globe. Croatia’s unspoiled charm results from the mixture of cultures, civilizations, and countries that have inhabited it. The Byzantines, Romans, Greeks, Venetians, and French have […]