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Absurd Misconceptions About Costa Rica

Ahhh, Costa Rica. An adventure traveller’s paradise – one full of lush jungle, rushing rivers, towering volcanoes, secluded beaches, exotic wildlife and abundant tourists. Yes, Costa Rica is both popular and accessible, making it a common adventure destination. With all of the focus on the little country, it is inevitable that a variety of ‘truths’ […]

Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica: An Adventure Travel Destination Showdown

Are you ready? Really, really ready? To rumble that is. If you answered yes, then it’s time for an adventure travel destination showdown. Introducing first… in the first corner, coming in with over 2 million annual visitors… weighing 175 pounds… known as BikeHike Adventures’ first destination and rated as one of the most popular adventure […]

Where are the best places to go in Costa Rica?

A major reason why Costa Rica is so popular is because it has something for everyone. It’s a small enough country to allow travellers to pick and choose their route, but big enough to prevent them from visiting everywhere if only visiting for one or two weeks. So what are the best places to visit […]

5 Essential Items for Costa Rica Biking Tours

The popularity of Costa Rica biking tours continues to accelerate. With various regional and international touring races every year, Costa Rica is buzzing with two-wheeled enthusiasts ready to grab life by the handlebars. Due to Costa Rica’s varying climate and road conditions from region to region, active travellers are well warned to travel with a […]

Learn to Kayak Surf in 5 Steps

The adventurous mind sees the world from a different angle. For instance, when you’re kayaking on the open waters of Costa Rica, why not kill two birds with one stone and use your kayak to surf as well! Kayak surfing is a well-kept secret in the paddle world. The best part is that anyone can […]