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Category Archives: Biking Tips

How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain

If you’re like me and have worn your share of bikes into the ground, you’ve had issues with a slipping bike chain. I recently noticed my bike chain slipping and was helped by the video below. I thought I’d pass along the good word. Hope this helps.

10 Reasons Bike-sharing Is Great For Cities

The unrelenting hand of progress continues. For the most part, society is getting better at embracing new ideas and disregarding the absurd and outdated. One concept that has begun to gather momentum is public bike-sharing. Bike-sharing systems place numerous bicycle stations across cities for shared use by the public. Although it began as a nongovernmental […]

Safety In The Streets: Tips For Commuting Road Bikers

A highly publicized Tour de France cycling crash has put the spotlight on a growing issue – can cars and bicycles peacefully coexist on the road? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But while we’re waiting for harmony to break out on the streets, it’s probably a good idea for us bikers to face up to the […]