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The Limitations of TripAdvisor and Guidebooks

You are planning a trip to a new destination. The flight is booked. Now you are really getting excited. Because it is so new to you that you know nothing about it other than that you can’t wait to go there and experience all that it has to offer. So that gets you thinking. You better […]

What is Experiential Travel

It seems that these days you can’t read an article about travel trends without coming across the terms authentic and local experiential or immersion travel. Everything about travel right now is about experiences, which is baffling. What’s baffling is that it comes as news that travel is about experiences. The idea behind experiential travel is […]

5 Unexpected Places for an Adventure in Europe

When thinking of adventure travel destinations, most people think of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Borneo, New Zealand and similar places. Europe just doesn’t tend to come to mind, even though it should. The prime time of year to visit the well-known adventure travel destinations is usually November to April, leaving out a huge chunk of […]

Five Biking Journeys for the Adventurous Cyclist

Bicycles may change, but cycling is timeless and one of the best ways to explore a destination. Instead of having a home base and branching out from there, biking tours allow travellers to journey point-to-point and delve deep into the local culture. It is important that anyone who embarks on a biking journey is prepared […]

Here’s Your Ticket to Travel Inspiration in the Digital Age

Today’s world is one full of microchips, wires, batteries and plugs; so much so that even on vacation most travellers can’t detach themselves from their tech gadgets. While some companies try to stem the tide of vacationers being attached at the hip to their electronic devices while on holiday, others are embracing the trend. One […]