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Lumos Cycling Helmet Review

Trish Sare (Owner of BikeHike Adventures) is always on the lookout for new gear that helps make the active lifestyle even more practical. So, here’s a short little video review we recently filmed at the office for you to tell you about an exciting new product Trish has discovered, the Lumos Kickstarter cycling helmet. This […]

Winter indoor cycling fun: We love our cycling classes!

We all love riding our bikes on sunny days or while we are away on an active vacation somewhere sunny. But what are we to do to get our cycling fix during the winter months? The idea of sitting on a stationary bike can be a bit boring, right? And sweating alone in a room on a stationary […]

Travel to Cuba Frequently Asked Questions (Your Questions Answered)

So, you want to travel to Cuba… But lately, as interest in Cuba has increased, so too have the number of questions, especially since Obama’s announcements about the thawing of US-Cuba relations. So, here are some quick answers to some of the top 10 questions being asked about Cuba. If you’d like a longer answer, you […]

Gadgets and iPhone Apps for Active Travel

We are all about embracing destinations to the fullest and loving every minute that you are on the go. So, we want to help you spend less time fretting over the little details. So many of us rely on our phones now for everything, even when we are away from the everyday. And we would hate to […]

How to Travel with a Bike

With bike tourism so popular, more and more people are planning to take their own bike on a trip. The following are some tips on how to travel with a bicycle. If you have any other recommendations, please let us know in the comments section below. Read luggage rules Different airlines have different weight restrictions […]