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How to Swim with Sharks in Belize

Aboard a Belize adventure tour, you’re sitting in a boat on the backside of Ambergris Caye outside Belize’s barrier reef. Your mission: find a patch of water known as ‘Shark Ray Alley’, jump in and swim with a school of fully-grown sharks. At this point, you think to yourself, “What happened to the stress free […]

Must Try Adventure: The Black Hole Drop, Belize

For those looking for the full Belize adventure vacation experience, look no further than The Black Hole Drop. It has been called “The Mother of All Caves.” Within the Belize jungle resides a gigantic 300 ft deep sinkhole beneath the rainforest canopy. While the sight of such a deep dark hole makes many shake at […]

Customized Adventure Travel in Guatemala & Belize

In honour of the final year of the Maya calendar, BikeHike Adventures is serving up a double-dose of Maya adventure by combining the best of Belize adventure trips and Guatemala adventure travel. The union includes inner tubing through Mayan caves and exploring the ancient ruins of Xunantunich in Belize before visiting the ruins of Tikal […]

5 Adventures that Kick Honeymoons into Overdrive

These days, traditional weddings are taking a backseat to the fun and informal. Newlyweds are constantly looking for new ways to put their own spin on their celebration of love. Honeymoons should be no different. In the same way that weddings are mixing old-world expectations with new age fun and silliness, honeymoons are mixing romance […]

This Valentine Romance isn’t in a Box, it’s in a Shared Experience

This Valentine’s Day, we’re offering up the true meaning of togetherness by announcing customizable Belize adventure vacations. In lieu of the expected heart shaped box of chocolates, experience-minded couples will choose their departure date, multi-sport activities, and spend Valentine’s Day amongst the most romantic setting of all, the great outdoors. Flowers and Champagne will spark […]