BikeHike Adventures’ Shiny New Tag-Line

All of us at BikeHike Adventures are pleased to unveil our new company tagline – “connecting the world through active travel.” After nearly 18 years of operating under the tagline “multi-sport adventures for earthlings addicted to outdoor life,” we feel a change is necessary to augment BikeHike’s growth and direction.

BikeHike specializes in active adventures with an emphasis on authentic cultural encounters. Using multi-sport as a vehicle to drive social and cultural connections, we fuel a layered experience benefiting everyone involved. “Connecting the world” is about connecting travellers to both each other and the locals around the world – and we do it by multi-sport!

With BikeHike, it’s not uncommon for solo travellers to make lifelong friendships during their vacation. This is precisely what five independent Galápagos travellers did in December. They are now customizing an additional BikeHike trip to Belize!

Coming soon, our new tagline will be supported by a brand new website and new look for the blog. Stay posted for our spring time site-launch!

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