5 Adventure Travel Trends in 2013

trends in adventure travelAdventure takes us to the edge. And once we get there, the question is always the same: “What’s next?”

This is the driving force that keeps adventure travel fresh. There are always new ways to see the world. It takes only a glimpse of prospective excitement to make us say, “I have got to go there and do that!”

Here are the current travel trends in a rapidly changing industry.

1 » Self-guided travel

The information renaissance continues to find new outlets, most recently in the form of self-guided travel. Digital mapping, GPS, online bookings, and computerized check-ins have opened the doors for independent travellers to experience the convenience of organized tours. Empowered with the logistical support of an experienced tour operator, travellers can now execute an itinerary without the necessity of a guide. The results are an unrestricted self-paced adventure, typically at a lower cost than guided travel.

2 » Point-to-point biking

Gone are the days of simply visiting a destination – it’s now how you get there. This has spawned a new yearning for point-to-point itineraries, allowing travellers to navigate across a country or even several. Biking is the most popular means of transportation, but kayaking, rafting, and hiking are often thrown in the mix as well.

3 » Culture is king

The world has gone social. We’re finally starting to realize that this beautiful world is meant to be shared, and that means meeting the neighbours. More and more travellers have shifted their focus toward cultural experiences. Meeting locals abroad is an uplifting experience that increases the quality of life for every party involved.

4 » Personalized itineraries

It’s never been easier to get what you want. These days, travellers have a good idea of what they want their vacation to include before they even start looking. Adding elements like extra activities, festivals, different accommodation, and private departures has become common place and will continue to push tour operators to increase their levels of customization.

5 » Responsible travel

Okay, responsible travel may not be a “trend” (at least we hope not), but it continues to grow. More and more, travellers are ensuring the companies they choose are responsible (both environmentally & socially). This continued shift in appreciation for responsible travel sets a stickier precedent for all travel companies and consequently, the countries they operate in. This trend touches the travel industry as a whole. For instance, airlines are testing biofuels and flying more efficiently by reducing cabin weight and rethinking their routes.

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