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Monthly Archives: February 2012

5 Adventures that Kick Honeymoons into Overdrive

These days, traditional weddings are taking a backseat to the fun and informal. Newlyweds are constantly looking for new ways to put their own spin on their celebration of love. Honeymoons should be no different. In the same way that weddings are mixing old-world expectations with new age fun and silliness, honeymoons are mixing romance […]

Help BikeHike Protect Endangered Turtles in Costa Rica

For the third year running, BikeHike is excited to assist researchers gather and relocate endangered turtle eggs to protect them from poachers. April & May mark peak season for turtle eggs in Costa Rica. During this time, there are two departures of BikeHike’s volunteer adventure vacation “Turtles and Trails,” incorporating volunteer time to offset illegal […]

Help BikeHike Win Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Tour Operator

BikeHike Adventures is excited to share that we have been nominated for Travel+Leisure’s World’s Best Awards! We are honoured to be recognized among the world’s leading tour operators. BikeHike’s passion is driven by a natural curiosity and love for the world, and we are very happy to have been able to share that with you. […]

New Restrictions Expose the Active Side of the Galápagos

One of the world’s most diverse and celebrated eco-systems, the Galápagos Islands has recently made a statement on the importance of environmental and social preservation. Effective February 1st, 2012, stiff regulations have offset the abounding boat-based tourism in the Galápagos Islands. These new rules have cut traffic to the 15 most popular island sites. Ships […]

The Adventurers Guide To Active Meditation

True meditation can only be achieved while sitting perfectly still in the lotus position in a setting of absolute silence. Right? Well, not exactly. The truth is that not everyone has the time, environment, or desire to achieve this sort of transcendental meditation. But that doesn’t mean meditation can’t be explored by other methods. Mediation […]