11 Sure Ways to Miss Out on Adventure

True or False: An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.

I suppose it all depends on how you look at it – although, those who answered true probably have more fun! For the most part, adventure is an option; some embrace while others refrain. If you want to stay out of the fast lane, here are some sure ways to miss out on life’s fun little curveballs.

Never Take the Long Way

Fast paced society has resulted a universal default towards the quickest option. Why go that way when this way is quicker? Well, maybe it’s more beautiful, fun, educational, inspiring, healthy, etc. The bottom line is, you don’t know a path until you’ve walked it. Taking the time to explore different avenues (figuratively & literally) will surely result in a richer daily life.

Avoid Loud People

Yes, loud people can be abrasive, insensitive, obnoxious, and unsettlingbut they’re also full of life. If you’re anything like me, your first impulse is to avoid confrontation and loud social situations. Second-guessing this first impulse from time to time and joining in on the loud conversation is liberating.

Refrain from Exercise

A lack of exercise has a negative effect on your mood and energy – the two key ingredients to a rich and exciting life. Exercise is beneficial on so many levels, including stirring the pot of life.

Let Your Passport Expire

Sometimes adventures takes you further than you’d expected. There is a lot to see beyond your own country. A passport is a privileged adventure pass. Neglecting to keep it active pauses the action.

Keep a Closed Heart

Closing yourself off emotionally is to deny a primary benefit of humanity. Opening yourself up to the world (romantically or socially) invites the unpredictable and sensational.

Be Ruled By Your Fears

Fear keeps us from many of life’s fruitful experiences. Courage is knowing what not to fear.

Fill Your Days with Chores

These days, people are very busy. Although many of the tasks we give ourselves are necessary, what isn’t necessary is to lead a completely structured life. If you don’t leave time for the unexpected, that’s exactly what you’ll get. As any novelist knows, the expected doesn’t sell books.

Ignore Your Rut

It’s so easy to slide into a rut. Staying there, you can lead a predictable life – which is fine for some. What’s not fine is deluding yourself into thinking the rut doesn’t exist. Being honest with yourself is the first step towards shaking things up again.

Be Passive

If everyone on the bus is boring, it might be you that’s boring. Being passive is your way of accepting the first thing that comes along. Sometimes it’s up to you to shake things up. Don’t wait for adventure – make it.

If these tips weren’t enough, and you’re still looking to avoid adventure at all costs – then definitely don’t consider participating in adventure travel tours »

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